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  • Pontiac Catalina – The Pontiac blockbuster
    This classic beauty from Pontiac is a ruler in this segment. The world first witnessed Pontiac Catalina in the year1959 and its production had continued until 1981. This car was manufactured and marketed by General Motors. This Pontiac was initially designed as performance based car that was light in weight and was comparatively smaller to give it a sports look. This GM car has got great demand in the used car market as well. 1961 was the years when this car had received a drop in its actual wheelbase that is from 122 in to 199. This car even loosed its length that is by 4 in. This way this historic beauty had loosed 200 pounds in its overall weight. Pontiac Catalina was offered with 7 variants 2 door sports sedan 4 door sports sedan 4 door vista Convertible 2 door hardtop 6 seater 4 door 9 seater station wagon. Pontiac Catalina  [...]
    Posted at April 11th, 2011 in News
  • Lincoln Versailles – Best But Less Selling Cars
    Lincoln Versailles is a mid size luxury car which was marketed and manufactured under Ford. This car was first introduced in the year 1977 and its production line had continued until 1980. Lincoln Versailles was offered in four door sedan models only. Versailles was the last car that was launched on the Falcon platform. This mid size luxury car was not that successful as compared to other Lincoln cars. This car was initially designed as a contender to the Cadillac Seville which was introduced in 1975, but although this car was not a blockbuster in the automotive industry. This car has got a huge demand in the classic car market and has become a collectible due to its rear existence. Under the hood 1979 Lincoln Versailles was powered by 351 cu in, 3.5 L, V8 engine. Another engine option was the 302 cu in, 5.0 L, V8 engine. This car  [...]
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  • Hot Rod Cars Perfect Option For Modification
    As the summer is approaching you will be witnessing Hot Rod cars now more on the road. Hot road cars are inexpensive cars that are finely restored and modified as per the likes of the user. These parts are restored with custom built parts as the parts are now not easily available. Some rare case the complete engine, brakes, transmission and steering are replaced just the original body is used. Today in United States altering or restoring these cars are seen as a national sports because of which this car has gained a lot of attention in the classic cars as well as antique car market. There are many clubs, Magazines and Websites which are dedicated for these cars where in the users are encouraged to participate in certain events and get together. Hot Rod cars are cars which were manufactured from 1930’s to 1940’s. Ford is considered  [...]
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  • Importing Project Cars – Not a Big Deal Anymore
    Importing project cars into US is quiet a difficult task as compared to importing any of the current generation cars. Current generation cars have fewer formalities. Importing cars can cause quite a dent in your wallet. If you have planned to import classic car be ready to shed lots of zeroes from your bank balance. There are strict norms and rules imposed by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). These rules are strictly marked on the basis of emission standards. Only those cars which are manufactured in US after 1970 will not cost you less as it meets the EPA standards. Project car as the name itself suggest these cars require a lot of work and alteration in order to fulfill the standard requirements. These cars can be modified as per your likes and dislikes. Below are few guidelines about importing Project cars: The number one  [...]
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  • Hot Rod Cars The Most Sought After Cars
    ‘Hot Rod Era’ this name was derived for cars which were manufactured from 1945 to 1965. These cars flaunted some unique and ultimate features in terms of looks and power. As now it is a trend to restore age old cars in U.S. Many classic car aficionados preferred Hot Rod cars for restoration as these cars were some of the perfect classic cars that can be restored in order to give it ore classy and retro look. Today restorations of classic cars are seen as national sports in United States of America. Toady Hot Rod cars are the most sought after cars and this cars have even got great demand in the antique car segment. These cars are basically vintage cars which are very rare to find. These cars have got more demand as the parts are rarely available and are sometimes custom built in order to keep up with the original one.  [...]
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  • 1970′s Cadillac A Boon To Automobile Industry
    Cadillac is one of the most favorite brands with classic car aficionados. Cadillac is known for their powerful engine and luxurious amenities that are fitted inside the car. Cadillac is a stand out brand when compared to other cars in this segment. Cadillac cars were launched with the best and latest features which hardly required any further improvements or upgrades. Cadillac models were always launched in limited numbers which made it rare and one of the most sought after cars. 1970’s marked a new history for Cadillac. This year Cadillac managed to launch three cars. This decade was considered as green year for Cadillac as all the three models were quiet successful in the market. Classic Cadillac cars still have got great demand in the classic car market. Cars with Cadillac logo were assembled with responsive power performing  [...]
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  • Three Best Future Classic Cars
    You have always dreamed of your grandfather’s classic car. But do you know which will be the future classic cars which your grand children will dream of. Then here are some few futuristic classic cars that will be considered as the best ones after a few decades. If you have any of these mentioned cars and if you have already read this article then don’t even think of selling these cars as these cars in future, if well maintained can help you get those extra zeroes in your bank balance.  Today already many websites have conducted research and have listed a few cars of today which will be the future generation classic cars. A few cars have always been straight forward even when the time it was launched these cars are considered as future classic cars. The number one on the list is Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Many automotive  [...]
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  • Lotus Cars- For Big Players
    Lotus the famous British automaker is famous for their sport model that comes equipped with powerful engine and luxury features. Lotus the British manufacturer is famous for its sports and race car models. Lotus Elise is one such great sports car that has got a powerful engine with lightweight body. Lotus was formed in 1959, since then their models are famous because of the exquisite body designs and power delivering engines. Lotus Elise was first introduced I the European market in 1996. This car was later released in the American market in 2005.  Lotus Elise is a rear wheel drive car. Lotus Elise is assembled on enhanced light weight chassis that gives superior handling and performance. Lotus Elise is two seat car that has got minimum safety features in order to maintain the speed and performance of the car. Lotus cars slight  [...]
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  • Ford Planning To sell 15,000 Ford’s Vintage Images
    If you are a Ford classic or vintage car aficionado then this is the perfect platform to get the images of all your dream ford classic cars. Ford has planned to sell fifteen thousand images of Ford’s classic cars all the way through another or a third party website. Ford’s experts are putting efforts to get the most popular and well kept images of Ford. Ford has been looking forward to bring all the images from the box to display and then on sale. Ford has planned to crack open the old photos vault. Ford will be offering its Aficionados more than five thousand vintage images on sale. These images will be priced from $ 25. You cam collect all the images from Ford will be offering many of the original as well as first copy images for interested buyers. After selling these images Ford has planned to launch  [...]
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  • Ferrari’s Best Known Exotic Classic Cars
    When race cars comes to your mind now and even 50 years back, Ferrari is the first ideal machine that will be flashing in your head. Exotic sports cars definition was always topped by Ferrari cars because of the powerful engine and exquisite body design. Ferrari manufactured its first race cars in 1992 then it extended its production to street legal regular vehicles in the year 1947. From then Ferrari designers have never looked back and still designs the world’s best and fastest designed cars. The company has got many years of experience in there pocket for manufacturing Sports cars. The exquisite body designs and aerodynamics is what distinguishes them from other Automakers. The company even survived and made its presence known after the Word War II. Ferrari has manufactured some world’s best Racing Classic Cars. The very  [...]
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