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AMC | January 27, 2011

Classic AMC Cars manufactured by American Motors Corporation is considered as one of the leading muscle car manufacturing company. Many of the Classic AMC Cars were actually manufactured, to be a strong contender to many Chevrolet and Ford models of that time.

AMC Javelin was the first sports car produced from Classic AMC Cars were some of the well known Muscle cars. AMC AMX was inspired from AMC Javelin. AMC Javelin was discontinued in 1974. The AMC AMX make of 1979 and 1980 had many added sporty features with a powerful engine to the AMC Spirit.

1979 AMC AMX is a powered by inline 258 cu in, 6 cylinder, OVH engine that produces 114 hp at 3,600 rotations per minute and 196 lbs ft of torque at 2,000 rotations per minute. This engine was mated with four speed manual transmission. Standard features of this engine includes two-barrel carburetor with the cylinder having 3.750 in bore and 3.895 in crank shaft. 8 to 1 is the compression ratio of this powerful engine.

Many features were optional in all other Classic AMC Cars.

AMX had some of the best features of that time.

  • Aluminum wheels for lighter body so that it can reach the maximum speed limit.
  • Custom built suspension from AMC expertise which increases the overall performance of the car.
  • Tuned exhaust for enhanced performance.
  • Front air dam.
  • Deck spoiler at the rear.

1979 AMC AMX interior includes features like.

  • Tachometer.
  • Bucket seats for driver and passenger.
  • Armrest that comes with full length console.
  • Steering wheel wrapped with leather.
  • Courtesy lights.
  • AM/FM cassette player.
Final Verdict:

AMC AMX is one of the best muscle cars from AMC that gives more powerful engine along with 4 speed transmission while other AMC cars comes with 3 speed transmission.

AMC Scrambler

AMC Scrambler is a very agile jeep especially on Rocky Mountains. AMC Scrambler is a Civilian Jeep which was the civilian version of the legendary military jeeps that were used in World War II. This legendary jeep had a few improvements in terms of looks as well as mechanical parts.

AMC Scrambler’s CJ-7 was a Quadra Trac system all wheel drive jeep. AMC Scrambler was available in many engine options

  • AMC 2.5L, inline four-cylinder engine.
  • AMC 4.2L, straight six cylinder engine.
  • 5L, V8 engine or a 2.3L Isuzu diesel engine.

AMC initially built the Scrambler as a pickup which had 103 in wheelbase.

AMC Scrambler was offered in two body types
  • Soft top version.
  • Hard top version.

More than 27,000 examples were built of AMC Scrambler. AMC then introduced YJ Wrangler jeeps in 1987 and the popular CJ jeeps were discontinued.

Final Verdict:

AMC Scrambler was one of the most successful jeeps for off road adventure. It had a very powerful engine which was paired with strong suspension and chassis.

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