Classic Dodge Cars – Redefined Luxury

Dodge | March 16, 2011

Classic Dodge Cars were manufactured and marketed by Chrysler Group LLC, Classic Dodge Cars still have got great demand in the classic car segment. These cars are offered with powerful engines and luxurious interior. Classic Dodge Cars are famous for their lush interior and safety feature which are offered as standard equipments.

Dodge Polara

Dodge Polara was debuted in the year 1960. This is top of the line car of Dodge Dart. This car had few engine modifications and minor face lifts during its life cycle. Dodge Polara 1966 is powered by 5.2 L, V8 engine which generated 230 horsepower. Later one another engine was made as standard this featured a 383 cu in, V8 engine that produced 270 horsepower. Dodge Polara had Oriflow shock absorbers for its suspension and came with disc brakes for all tires. This enhanced the ride quality and braking abilities of this car.

Dodge Polara came assembled with features like:
  • Tilt steering wheel.
  • Seat belts for all passengers.
  • Bucket seats.
  • 2 hefty instrument pods
  • Reverse Lock button comes as standard only in automatic models.
  • Chrome accents.
Final Verdict:

Dodge Polara is one of the finest Dodge cars that come with many lush interior as standard features. Dodge Polara has got sleek designs and all the curves at the right place which makes this car even more appealing.

Dodge Dart Sport

Dodge Dart Sport is a mid size sport sedan. This sedan is equipped with state of the art technology. Dodge Dart Sport is powered by 225.54 cu in, V6 engine. This engine generates 95 hp and 170 lb ft of torque at 1600 rotations per minute. Dodge Dart Sport has got 3.40 in bore and 4.12 in stroke. Dodge Dart Sport has got a fuel economy of 16 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on highway road conditions. Dodge Dart Sport engine is paired with 3 speed manual transmission. Dodge Dart Sport used self adjusting hydraulic brake system which was combined with single position disc brakes, this gave better braking abilities.

Final Verdict:

Dodge Dart Sport is one of the finest cars that came with lush interior and sporty engine.

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